Skin and Bones

by Flashy Python

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Homemade studio recording by Alec Ounsworth (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) with members of The Walkmen, Dr. Dog, Man Man, and Light Heat.


released August 11, 2009

Alec Ounsworth, Matt Barrick, Scott McMicken, Quentin Stolzfus, and more.



all rights reserved


Flashy Python Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alec Ounsworth (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) . . .

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Track Name: Let Us Hallucinate Together
This night now finds me on glass
Broken 'neath car keys
It is the winter I guess
There are no leaves upon the trees
I think I'm on vacation
The waves crash in the distance
There is a man at the bar
Who fixes his eyes on me
He says, "Son, let us hallucinate together."
The land is rising above ocean water
I could walk to Paris or Japan
If I don't let my eyes close
I know I could save my life by never going to sleep again
Track Name: The Lady is a Ghost
Why the painted face?
You've not joined the circus
There's a line on that map
I drew that line
Does she want me to stand with my hands on my head?
The pastor read the sermon and I frankly perspired
Will Jesus love me, hug me as she waits behind stained glass with her one good eye
Have her blood stains revealed what is in her troubled mind?
Give me a grown man crying like an orphan
Here comes the ghost
That's trailing me
With the long hair, short hair, senseless, dumb, and creeeeepy . . .
Oh, Mama, why do you hold me so close?
So she wrote a letter and she packed some wine
Does anyone out there love me still?
Will I arrive on time?
Would stronger men kneel as she is robbing them blind?
You might find faith in your God
You might find nothing to do
All of your face is torn off
Now there is no way to prove
Look at the trouble I'm in
By virtue of once admitting a stranger
I will not wait for no plain-clothed apparition who from California touched down on some Pennsylvania runway as a ghost
So I'll meet her for dinner
We will talk about the weather
I have no way of quite knowing if she's coming or she's going
It's so hard to make arrangements with yourself as the doctor spreads his instruments upon the shelf and the self-made man collects his little wealth while Roman Emperor just kills himself muttering, "she's in love with all the animals the animals and so she feeds the animals"
Track Name: Ichiban Blues
One ticket to Tokyo on a boat
Wood on a wave
I hear that Steven sleeps with the stingrays now
So I fashioned a history book into a sail as the Japanese wind seemed to blow these words in
I came to Kyoto where now he is on display
Plated glass, no one dare ask him if his life his a picnic it's clear as he points to the headphones that howl the words the wind sang upon arrival
Itchy, Ichiban Blue Son
Why does he need to come out here?
There are museums in Oklahoma
Could the lines in his hands have proposed this plan?
I measured the footsteps outside temple walls and then juggled some sand 'til I saw him again
He keeps a white candle in his hand and now works with clay
Wax drips down upon the panda cow that he has made
Itchy, Ichiban Blue Son
Track Name: Skin and Bones
Skin and bones and a broken nose
What happened last night here?
Why do I sit now staring at wall, half-naked on a table of metal?
Oh what a tightrope joke, what a pretty prostitute in a saintly Italian film
She makes me want to lie down,
Makes me want to want to feel better
So you left the race track with your wedding ring tucked away between your thighs saying that "I want to be destroyed with furniture and the mice, destroyed in the fire, destroyed in the fire"
Considering how wrong it can all go, it is not important, nothing's wrong
The spaceship comes from inside
It's time to collect yourself
Why not collect yourself?
Why not forget?
Oh, Emily, is it time to go home?
Fare-thee-well to the crutch and to the broken bone
Touch, touch, touch
Meet me just outside of town at diner that never closes
Take this trash bag filled with half-finished song, and the hole in my sweater
And when in time it gets so that I cannot think,
Christ, cigarette, be still!
It's time to grow a beard and address myself in the mirror as though addressing a stranger
See, the stars above us are telling us nothing, no mystery, there's no order
The fish net broke above the water, let us let them escape, we should let them escape, let us let them escape
and as the hours go swimming to new terror and another fair weather friend disintegrates like all the others
Oh, what can I do? Oh, what can I say? How should I feel when I don't want to go home?
Emily, is it time now to go home?
Fare-thee-well to the crutch and to the broken bone.
Track Name: Obscene Queen Bee
Choking pet
How you gonna pay the rent now that all your money's gone?
I know you
You know me
We met at the cemetery, digging ditches and turning up stones
Oh, my, my obscene queen bee
I wish I knew the cure for the disease which causes you to be so cold
A wet dream,
A magazine,
Fantasies and make-believes,
My headless chicken's going to get stoned
Paris is so full of rage, undercover, center-stage, voules vous coucher with this animal?
Oh, my, my obscene queen bee . . .
Allowance spent,
Really, I had only meant that we should never get so sentimental
A broken string,
A wedding ring,
Behind a fence, I have no sense for what the neighbors think of self-control
Oh, my, my obscene queen bee . . .
Track Name: In the Darkness
In the darkness, no one stops to say, hello, hello, how you going?
Strangers gesture at big screens, hooray for the cripple, hooray for the human microscope
Now are we only carving sheep? Taking vitamins?
Out to lunch with the in-laws,
Licking stamps, getting headaches
At the bottom of the sea, abstinence needs quiet company,
Is that the tight dress that you wore, now all in pieces on the floor?
Come on, let's get to the bottom of it
In the darkness, we just seem to slip away
In the darkness, sweeping sounds precede the wind humming in and out of children yelping
And now that the son is home and tags along with all the others
Do they need him around, do they want him around anymore?
Are we only milking beef? Now that the window is open, letting violins in, weeping beyond sunken buildings
(Slow down, too slow)
. . .
Track Name: Cattle's New Clothes
As soon as he gives a name to whatever it is he finds so goddamn frightening,
he'll empty his crippling pen,
It is not so difficult then . . .
So he fell in with the studs
Too late now it seems the city's dry mud took his might underground, now no more surprises, no more clowning around
There goes a naked man dressed up like an ordinary citizen
Look at him go down with his business men, cattle
Let him go
Sometimes I now still call on him to dip me in the river but he won't heal me now, now that he is lost himself
Now he just drops in to pin me against the wall
Now he just drops in to see that I surely fall
When the sun hits the water with a cattle-call refrain
The doctor and his daughter look for somewhere else to stay
Track Name: Avalon's Snake Breath
Gee did we sit upon gold-plated pillows as Avalon's snake breathe emerged blood and spittle
The sky was vermouth as our eyes met the green sea, and I was right there wishing you were there with me below
The officer waited in his car as if for me to drive 95 with an open scotch whiskey
Should I sympathize with the moon the is rising to greet sudden footsteps?
Why do we draw such fine lines in the snow?
The ocean it purrs and it rubs against me
The oil barge sighs and the fishing boat steadies
The houses dripped red as I shook off my head and rolled it upon the sand dunes of New Jersey
To my Mother I leave so much more than I have kept, the God of small things is in my kitchen cabinet
The DJ might sigh and the bills may be upset but tell them I would if I could but I just can't go on

I'm stupid, I'm stupid, I'm stupid no time for the family, work 'til I'm blind in the both eyes
I'm tripping on, tripping on, tripping on thoughts that I had when I was young, now where do they come from?
I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting around for the bus for to take me to wait for another
I'm locking, I'm locking, I'm locking wide doors, please don't knock, I am sleeping inside on the floor
I'm catching, I'm catching, I'm catching the worm just to ask him if he can remember this moment

Yesterday went away with the fire in earth and was smothered with blood from the ocean,
Yesterday took a fall as it was unrehearsed and today finds itself duly sweating,
Yesterday went away as I tried to recall where the doctor had left my emotion
Yesterday took a walk with its flowery talk and a bullet stopped dead its strict motion
Yesterday did its hair in the candlestick glare with the neighborhood champ and Ms. Homely
Yesterday kicked me off of the tallest of horses and made off with my youth and my cocaine